ENG Series Commercial Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer

Innovative and feature-rich, the ENG features an ultra compact footprint while providing the ultimate in cleaning action. Includes many innovative features.
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Model Number: ENG Series

If you’re tight on space but have big cleaning needs, Landa Kärcher Group’s patented ENG is the perfect machine for you! You won't find a more compact natural gas pressure washer on the market. At 64" long, 35" wide, and 61" high (or 49" long, 24" wide, and 48" high on smaller models), the ENG packs a ton of features into an incredibly tiny footprint. Start with Landa Kärcher Group’s patented Cool-Bypass system that keeps the water temperature low while the machine is in bypass mode, extending the life of the pump. Other innovative features include Landa Kärcher Group’s Tru-Tite belt tensioning system, which relies on a spring-loaded idler arm to keep the belt aligned and tensioned, reducing wear and tear on the belt; and the Fielder’s Choice system, which allows you to switch the inlet/outlet connections from one side to the other, adding versatility and making installation a breeze.

  • Up to 9.5 GPM, 3200 on large units; up to 5.0 GPM, 3000 PSI on small units
  • Compact footprint packs a lot of cleaning ability into a small space
  • Patented Cool-Bypass helps to extend the life of the pump
  • Tru-Tite belt tensioning system helps to extend the life of the belt
  • Optional LanCom Remote allows users to continue working without having to run back and forth to the machine

Technical data

Water Volume (GPM)9.5
Operating Pressure (PSI)3200